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Horse Rail Fence

Horse Fencing

Horse Fencing

The name horse rail is a dead giveaway that this fence was designed for horses. This is a relatively new and high-tech fence design that is meant to replicate a traditional board fence, with the added benefit of having low maintenance.

The rail is made of five-inch wide vinyl that is stretched between, and coated around, three high tensile wires, giving the appearance of a board rail. It is a continuous rail that is installed with brackets on each post that allows the rail to slide. The rail is then stretched tight just like a standard high tensile wire fence. The initial cost of a horse rail is higher than a board fence, but if you factor in maintenance over the lifespan of the fence, it can be a very economical choice.

  Horse Fencing Uses

Horse rail fencing is best suited for horses as it is a highly visible fence. But it is also a good choice for cattle.


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