Horse Fence

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    horse fence board type.

Board Fence

A proven standard in horse fencing, traditional post and rail fence is a solid original, available in different wood types and styles to match and compliment any property or farm.

    Horse fence rail type.

 Horse Rail Fence

A relativly new and innovative product, virtually maintainence free while still maintaining the traditional look of post and rail- this long-lasting product is horse safe and a rider friendly fence.


    Horse fence poly coat type.

Poly Coat Fence

A very economical option in horse fencing, poly coated wire is horse safe, highly visible to horse and rider and requires very little maintainence.


    Horse fence woven wite type.

Woven Wire Fence

Woven wire can be the answer to containing a pasture mix of various animals while still maintaining safety for horses; add a board or wire on top to strengthen or improve its looks.