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Hello, I am Brian Reiff. ProFence has been in the Reiff family since 1993 and I am excited to share with you the story of our beginning!

With five of us children living on a small family farm in central Pennsylvania, and three of us being boys, our dad was always looking for work to keep us busy.

Brian Reiff Family

Dad had this dream of helping each of his sons become successful in farming or starting a business. And so naturally when an opportunity came along to start a fence business, it seemed like the perfect fit. Having grown up on a farm, fencing was very familiar to us.

And so it began.

With dad putting the money up and us three boys doing the work we began to build ProFence into a company. Over time, my two older brothers moved on and pursued different interests: one moved out West to start his own business, and the other got into farming. So as dad grew older and no longer wanted the stress of running a business and farming, I took over the business completely.

It has been quite a journey; we have had our share of ups and downs. But by putting our all into providing an exceptional service, we have been blessed with success. The business has grown from a single team of four to more than a dozen technicians in four crews, and we’re still growing.

Our greatest lesson, though, is that our most precious asset is each other.

 Meet the team

Meet the Team

We attribute our success to ProFence’s outstanding team. From the beginning, we have chosen to share the company with our work force. So instead of just hiring employees who are simply putting in time for a paycheck, we have partners in the business creating an atmosphere where we all share in the journey.

We have found that we can serve you better by being a team of experts working together as one.

We believe you will find the results completely spectacular! The efficiency of our team, which has years of experience working together in such harmony, is truly inspiring.

Our philosophy here at ProFence is to work together to build a better world. That has created a culture of continual improvement and instilled an appreciation for the power of a team. The outcome couldn’t be more profound.


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