Benefits of an Electric Fence

To understand the benefits of an electric fence, lets first understand why you would need an electric fence. An electric fence is not used to stop humans from entering a restricted area. It is also not used to keep people in an enclosed area such as a jail. In fact, there is less than one serious injury to humans each year due to contact with an electric fence.

Electric fencing is used to enclose animals in a specific area usually on a farm or ranch.

Does an Electric Fence Hurt an Animal?

The short answer is no. Even a squirrel will survive a jolt from the fence. However, the shock is strong enough for the animal to feel it and take notice.

High amps are what kills animals, voltage is what gets their attention. Although the voltage is quite high, due to the very low amperage, the animal can easily pull away from the electric fence after a shock. With a very high amperage, an animal would not be able to separate themselves from the fence and would be continually shocked until a likely death.

Why use an Electric Fence?

There are many fence options to enclose an animal on your property. In fact, there are fences manufactured just for specific animals habits. For example, a woven wire fence works well with goats as they sometimes get their head stuck in a fence and cannot back out due to the shape of their horns. A woven wire fence is a tight grid of wires nailed securely on sturdy posts that are difficult to penetrate.

An electric fence will act as a deterrent for the animal after the first shock. They will understand to not lean up against or even come near the fence as they will get shocked. This will greatly reduce the wear and tear of the fence which in turn keeps the animals from getting stuck in a fence or from other types of injuries.

Here are some Benefits of an Electric Fence:

1. Economical

In some circumstances, you can upgrade the current fence on your property to an electric fence thus eliminating many costs involved. Even if you have no fencing on your property, an electric fences cost is typically less than other fencing to keep livestock on a property.

2. Lasts a Long Time

Since an electric fence acts as a deterrent and not a physical barrier, the wear and tear will be reduced as will the maintenance costs.

3. Will not Harm the Animals

The jolt from the electric fence will get the animals attention, but will not harm the animal.

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