Keep Deer Out of Gardens

Deer Fence to Keep Deer Out of Gardens
Deer Fencing is Recommended to Keep Deer out of your Garden

Issues from Deer Accessing your Crops

Deer can cause havoc if they get into your garden. Deer typically eat plants, fruits, acorns, and nuts. The problem is with when they feed upon cultivated vegetables like beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, soybeans, wheat, and rye. They will also eat grass grown for livestock.

Nearly all farms need to keep deer out of their garden. Mature deer can consume nearly 10 pounds of food a day that can decimate your garden quickly.

To keep deer out of gardens, we recommend deer fencing.

How Does a Deer Fence Work?

Deer fencing works by eliminating the tenacity of the deer to access your garden. Their tenacity will be alleviated when they find it impossible to penetrate the deer fence. Deer can jump high and will also try and burrow under an obstacle to get at your garden. They can also push the fence down. Deer are very strong and tenacious animals. You need to have a very strong fence designed just for keeping deer out.

Deer Fence Specs

High tensile woven wire is the recommended type of fencing to keep deer out of gardens. Due to the strength of the fence, this type of deer fencing is not recommended as a temporary solution. High tensile woven wire fencing can stretch and slow the deer down if it were to crash into it. The super high tension can even absorb several deer trying to get through to your garden.

There are some different configurations for deer fencing, but typically the fence needs to be around 9 feet above ground with heavy posts pounded 3 feet below ground. The spacing between the posts all depends upon the amount of elasticity needed.

Deer Fencing Specs

Deer Fence Installation

Along with the all-important deer fence installation process, the materials used for the fence need to be of the highest grade. High tensile woven wire must be used instead of woven wire as high tensile woven wire has been through a specialized process that gives it two thousand percent more strength and significantly increases its elasticity.

To keep deer out of gardens with a fence that will last decades, you must have experienced deer fence installers with the proper equipment to get the job done right.


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