History of the Split Rail Fence

Split rail fences have been popular in the United States and Canada for centuries due to the simplicity to build and an abundance of wood. A simple split rail fence wouldn't need many nails or hardware to construct. The wood rails would simply be stacked in an interlocking zig-zag fashion that is self-supporting. This also made the fencing easy to disassemble and reconstruct elsewhere. During the Civil War era, split rail fences were used for firewood by both sides.

The simplicity of a split rail fence was the largest contributing factor to making it one of the most popular type of fencing in North America.

Modern Split Rail Fence
Modern Mortised Split Rail Fence

Modern Day Split Rail Fencing

Unless built for purely aesthetic purposes, a modern day split rail fence will not have the interlocking self-supporting zig-zag wood boards. Instead, the vertical posts on a split rail fence will have holes (mortises) where the horizontal boards slide into. This makes for a much stronger fence, albeit a fence that needs more hardware and know how to construct.

Wood Board Fence

Built with modern day wood treatments, machinery, and hardware, a wood board fence is much stronger and has a sleek elegant design. A typical use of a wood board fence would be to keep horses or cattle on your property. There are several choices for wood dependent upon the look and goals of the fencing.

A wood board fence is a modern day interpretation of a split rail fence. Wood board fences are built to last decades with minimal maintenance.

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