The Best Deer Fence

The Best Deer Fence
The Best Deer Fencing is a High Tensile Woven Wire Fence

Why Keep Deer Out?

Deer’s population has been growing the past two decades. During a deer’s lifetime, a doe and her offspring can produce nearly 100 fawns. What might have been a minor problem years ago has now become a major concern. A deer can wreak havoc upon your garden. Deer can devastate your crops as they have a voracious appetite. Pretty much any vegetable grown can be consumed by deer. Grass that is grown to feed your livestock should be protected from deer as well.

Solutions to Keep Deer out of a Garden

When it comes to protecting your garden from deer, there are several options. Deer repellents can be purchased that have a foul scent that will deter the deer. Having to treat your garden with the repellent can be a time-consuming task. Other options such as planting hedges or poisonous plants such as daffodils are a great deterrent, however the work involved, and maintenance can be an issue. Harvesting your garden as soon as the vegetables and fruits are ready will prevent deer from smelling and seeing the food. This is not a great option to keep deer out of your garden as there will certainly be a time when you do not harvest as soon as you should.

The best solution to keep deer out of your garden is a deer fence.

Why a Deer Fence?

Considering effectiveness and optimizing time management, a deer fence is the way to go. All the work and expense is up front in buying and installing the deer fence. Continual upkeep and expense with other solutions to keep deer out of a garden is virtually eliminated. You can now spend more time tending to your garden rather than trying to keep deer out. The best deer fence will also keep other fruit and vegetable eating animals out of your garden.

Deer Fencing Specs

What is the Best Deer Fence?

The best deer fence needs to be strong enough to sustain damage from deer running into it. A deer fence also needs to be tall enough where deer cannot jump over it. Some deer may even try to dig under the fence, so it must continue beneath the surface. Costs, longevity, and maintenance are all important factors as well.

The best deer fence is undoubtedly a high tensile woven wire fence. It is a very economical fence that can last a lifetime. The 8-foot height deters the deer from jumping over it. The posts extend 3 feet below the surface for added rigidity. A high tensile woven wire fence is also one of the strongest fences on the market.


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