High Tensile Sheep Fence

High Tensile Sheep Fence
High Tensile Sheep Fence

A high tensile sheep fence has been proven over decades to be a low cost, reliable, and long lasting solution to contain your sheep. The wide spacing of the posts saves in cost without sacrificing the fences reliability. If you choose a high tensile fence to contain your sheep, chances are high that you will never have to install another fence in your lifetime.

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High Tensile Sheep Fence Installation

Maintenance and installation of a high tensile sheep fence is relatively simple compared to other types of fencing. With proper installation and maintenance, a high tensile sheep fence can last up to 40 years. With our installation services, you can be sure your fence has been installed by a team of experienced professional fence installers. For the ultimate experience in containing your sheep, a high tensile fence can be electrified to make it more secure. This is also a service we provide.

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