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ProFence LLC is a fence company in Shippensburg, PA that serves the Eastern USA. We provide and install fencing for farms and ranches to keep livestock in and predators out. The materials we use is of the highest quality and in many cases will last a lifetime. Our fence installation services are performed by seasoned veterans with decades of experience.

Take a look below at the different types of fencing our fence company provides and applications for each.

Board Fencing

A board fence is the most attractive fence a farm or ranch can have. Your properties resale value will certainly rise with the design and artistry of a wood board fence. Wood options include Oak, Hemlock, and Southern Yellow Pine.

Uses of a wood board fence:

  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Aesthetics
Wood Board Fence
Wood Board Fencing

Electric Fencing

An electric fence may be the most misunderstood fence. The goal of an electric fence is to create a psychological barrier rather than a physical one. The charge is just enough to get the animals attention without any harm.

An electric fence can be used to enclose these animals:

  • Electric Cattle Fence
  • Electric Horse Fence
  • Electric Sheep Fence
  • Electric Goat Fence
Electric Fence Sign
Electric Fences

Farm and Field Gates

We build and install gates for farms and ranches. We will match the look of your current fence to create uniformity. No matter what your needs are for a gate, we can help.

Types of Gates:

  • Tubular Field Gates
  • Deer Gates
  • Expanded Metal Gates
  • Wooden Gates
  • Mesh Gates
Field Gate
Farm and Field Gate

High Tensile Fencing

A high tensile fence is the most popular fence being installed today. There are several factors why. There are many animals that can be enclosed with high tensile fencing and many predators that can be kept out. A high tensile fence is very economical and durable.

Benefits of a High Tensile fence:

  • Economical
  • Tremendous Strength
  • Durable
  • Can be used with many Animals
High Tensile Fencing
High Tensile Fence

Poly Coat Fencing

A poly coat fence is designed for visibility. It is primarily used to enclose horses. You can charge the poly coat fence to keep the horses from pushing up against it. This will increase the longevity and effectiveness of the fence.

Benefits of a Poly Coat fence:

  • High Visibility
  • Can be Electrified
  • Ideal for Horses
Poly Coat Fencing
Poly Coat Fence

Woven Wire Fencing

A woven wire fence is a tight grid of wires that is nearly impenetrable. The combination of strong wood posts and the wire mesh will keep small and large animals in or out. If security is your highest concern, a woven wire fence is the way to go.

Woven Wire Fence Benefits:

  • High Security
  • For Large and Small Animals
  • Long Lasting
Non-Climb Woven Wire Fencing
Non-Climb Woven Wire Fence

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