Electric Goat Fence

Woven wire is the typical solution for a goat fence. Goats are a curious animal. A woven wire fence is strong enough in case the goat pushes on or runs into the fence. An electric goat fence works more as a deterrant than a physical barrier. When a goat touches the fence, it will receive a small harmless shock. Goats will quickly learn to not touch the fence or they will receive the shock. The fence will now be a deterrent that the goat will avoid contact with.

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Electric Goat Fence Installation

ProFence, LLC will install your goat fence on time and within budget. Our decades of electric goat fence installations ensure it will be installed properly the first time. Protect your investment by having the most experienced electric fence installers in the Eastern USA install your electric goat fence.

Electric Goat Fence Repair and Maintenance

If your electric goat fence is in need of repair, we have the most experienced electric fence installers in the Eastern USA. No matter which company installed your electric fence, we will be able to fix whatever the issue may be.

To keep your fence performing at its best for a lifetime, we offer fence maintenance services.

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