Electric Sheep Fence

Having an electric sheep fence installed by ProFence, LLC ensures that your fence will be installed correctly. There are several options when it comes to containing sheep on your property. A woven wire fence or a high tensile sheep fence will do the job. Another option is an electric sheep fence. An electric fence will deter sheep from even touching the fence. Sheep will experience a very small shock that eventually becomes a psychological barrier. An electric fence will not harm sheep.

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Electric Sheep Fence Installation

We have been installing electric fences for decades. Having this much experience is crucial if we encounter issues while installing the fence. We have seen every conceivable issue with electric fencing and have a solution for all of them. Keep your sheep and your investment safe by having ProFence install you electric sheep fence.

Electric Sheep Fence Repair and Maintenance

ProFence has fences still standing decades after installation. This is due to our quality fencing materials and our professional fence installation services. From time to time, your new electric sheep fence will need maintenance. We are the best choice for your fences maintenance as we will know everthing about your fence and the installation details. Be sure to ask about our electric sheep fence maintenance plan.

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