Woven Wire Sheep Fence

Woven Wire Sheep Fence
Woven Wire Sheep Fence

Woven wire is the chosen method for sheep fencing for all farmers and herders alike. There is no better choice than going with the woven wire. It’s the most durable and cost effective option available. If durability is a concern to you, then going with the high-tensile woven wire sheep fence is a great choice. They will not sag or stretch as easily as non-tensile woven wire fences. More resistant to rust and lighter in weight. Woven wire sheep fencing can handle everything your sheep throws at it.

After installing sheep fences across the Eastern United States, we can say with confidence that we will get the job done, within budget, and on time.

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Woven Wire Sheep Installation

Before you set to work on your sheep fence installation, there a few things to know. First thing’s first, the post will require either strong wood, steel or fiberglass to support high-tensile woven wires. It is best to leave the installation to professionals like us who have been doing it since 1993 with ease and proficiency. Woven wire sheep fence installation is easy, requires low maintenance, and can be electrified for better control of sheep. Any questions you have, we will be glad to answer for you

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